Dungaree Affair (by Tanya Nefertari)

    90’s fashion is creeping its way back this season. Hello Dungarees!

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    I love this Shona song by Zimbabwean singer Pah Chihera born Pamhidzai Tracy Mbirimi feat. Prince Musarurwa.

    A loose translation of the song is their singing about how love doesn’t discriminate. You love someone regardless of their skin colour, social status and wealth.

    Pah Chihera ft. Prince Musarurwa - Runonzi Rudo

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    White (by Tanya Nefertari)

    Casual sunny day in #Harare #Zimbabwe #Africa

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    The styling, the song and the Missy Elliott appearance. This video is everything !

    Fantasia - Without Me ft. Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott

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    Behind The Scenes at Tanya Nefertari FWZ013 “The Clash” Lookbook Shoot Model Melissa in Crop Top & Palazzo Pants.

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    "If everyone else is being one of those frogs jumping around in that box, why not find a new box to jump in OR A POND"

    — Ruth E Saxelby

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    †Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† mix checkers princess dress from my new “The Clash” collection.

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    Model Lyshanda in a †Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† textured croptop, linen pants & cape from my new “The Clash” collection.

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    †Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† double slit checkers dress from my new “The Clash” collection

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    Another dope song and great styling from Mafikizolo.

    Official Mafikizolo feat May D - Happiness

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    "You surrender to a lot of things which are not worthy of you. I wish you would surrender to your radiance … your integrity … your beautiful human grace"

    — Yogi Bhajan

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    "Seeing the lack of exposure around African talent in the fashion and art sector in New Zealand, Makanaka
    Tuwe asked herself what could be done about this? What could be done to provide a platform for these
    talented individuals? The answer was Africa on my Sleeve.

    The vision for Africa on my Sleeve is to create a platform for African fashion and art in New Zealand as well as establish the visibility of African culture in Auckland. This is in a move to eliminate the clichés and stereotypes about the African culture and lifestyle by increasing the visibility of the beauty of the African
    talent and culture.

    Africa on my Sleeve was an event to recognize African designers and art in the New Zealand community to celebrate the creative African class. “

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    "Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like hell underneath."

    — Michael Caine

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