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Meet the Zimbabwean designer Tanya Mushayi putting a contemporary spin on African fabrics an interview for Dazed by Ruth Saxelby

Im on Dazed Digital *silent scream*

Im in i-D Magazine!!!


iD Magazine features Studio Africa cast members

Top Left - Bottom Right: Yannick Illunga (Petite Noir); Baloji; Laurence Chauvin Buthaud of Laurence Airline; Abdellah Taia; Sy Allasane; Tanya Mushayi; I See a Different You

I’m part of the new #Diesel + #Edun ”Born In Africa" Denim Collection and 1 of 9 members of #StudioAfrica which is a virtual loudspeaker for a new generation of creative talents across the continent

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With all my faults i was picked as an African role model on the new Afrolemodele Africa Role Models to the African Renaissance website. Check out the full interview here —> 

Zimbabwe-born, UK-raised Tanya Mushayi aka Nikko Frikko is a 24-year-old surface and fashion designer.

I was honoured to be featured on Zimbabwe’s biggest entertainment & lifestyle website The Zimbo Jam check out my “Musts” interview snippet below or click here for full interview.

Zimbo Jam Interview

Hey there Jammers,  we are introducing a weekly editorial featuring recognisable personalities and people we think you should know called Musts… What these girls and guys feel are must haves, must dos and mustn’ts. Our first victim is Fashion Designer, Tanya Mushayi who is behind Afro- chic fashion label, Tanya Nefertari (

She is edgy, down to earth and has a shoe fetish for days but fashion is her passion…

1.    Must  See Film

City of God
All I can say is, if you haven’t seen it please do! Best film of the era to come out of Brazil hands down! 

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Afro Elle Magazine Interview

Afro Elle Magazine, December 2012 Issue Interview With †Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† Designer on Page 74… Click here for full online issue —->

IMBO Magazine

†Φ▲Tanya Nefertari▲Φ† Clothing featured in fashion section of South Africa’s  IMBO Magazine in the “Young Designers Inspire Through Traditional Prints Edition”

Click here for full online issue ———>

 ¦▲Tanya Nefertari▲¦  Skirt & Bowtie, Featured in South Africa's IMBO Magazine September 2012 issue


What I Wore This Week: Surface and Fashion Designer, Tanya Mushayi aka Nikko Frikko

Original Interview and full images for my five day looks found on:

Zimbabwe-born, UK-raised Tanya Mushayi aka nikko frikko is a 24-year-old surface and fashion designer. Having dropped out of her final year of uni in Huddersfield she left everything behind to pursue her dreams in Africa.

Tanya started a retro-inspired print clothing line by the name of Tanya Nefertari. Nefertari meaning Beautiful Companion. It’s clothing for people who aren’t afraid to stand out. For women and men who want to feel and be treated like royalty, who do not follow fashion trends but are able to express their own individual style.

On her style Tanya says:

Having grown up in Manchester I remember from a very young age being laughed at in school cause I was always drawn to bright colours. I would always get “oh lovely coat Tanya but you do realise we’re in winter right” everytime I’d wear the brightest orange coat in my closet when the skies were grey outside.

Even in university and college I’d get in trouble for designing the most outrageous and brightest concept, sculpture or print known to man. In my defense one day I explained in detail why I love colour when I had to justify to a British tile company why I’d designed a bright print for their usually muted tile collection.

I told them I’m African and colour is what makes me who I am. I feel depressed wearing sombre and sad colours. The brighter the colours and bolder the print? The happier I am and the closer to Africa I feel

Nikko Frikko - AkA Fashion Designer And Creative Director Of ‘Tanya Nefertari’

Original Interview Found on —>

Hi Tanya!! *waves*

 What’s Upper?


 I was very glad you agreed to do this interview! its only right the

 world gets to know the gems we have in Zimbabwe  and for those that do

 know you to get to know you a little bit better. So first things

 first: Government Name?

>Tanyaradzwa (meaning “we have been consoled”) Nicola  Mushayi but everyone calls me Tanya or Nikko.

Star Sign



 > Designer & Rebel

Where were you born and raised?

 >I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe then moved to England when I was 11.

Where do you live now?

 >I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world but at the moment I’m finding my inspiration in Southern Africa.

How do you like living here in Harare?

 >I’m happy to be learning about the motherland all over again, there’s so much culture, you see it in the food, the textiles, the music and the art. I’m a woman that loves to learn about cultures and the people are very receptive if not I love a challenge.

You also go by the name Nikko, how did you get this name?

 >Well the name Nikko came about because of my middle name Nicola, my brother’s started calling me Nikko when I was nine and it kind of stuck like a bad smell. *laughs*

The name of your line is Tanya Nefertari, which I think is dope. Tell

 me How did you come up with the name of your line?

 >Everyone that knows me knows that im passionate about the people and culture of Ancient Kemet, my favourite Queen of that era is Queen Nefertari, her name means beautiful companion, which evokes what my line is all about.

What inspires you?

 >Ancient civilizations inspire me because they paved the way textiles and colour are used today. My inspiration also comes from looking at nature and the amazing colours and shapes found within it.

Does living in Harare have any influence over the current line you are

 working now?

 >It gives me more time because when I was in Manchester I used to get easily distracted by comparing myself to other designers whereas in Harare I’ve got more time to concentrate on my line and to be inspired by the possibilities and the bigger picture.

Describe your line the woman that you create for?

 >My line is for women who want to be treated like royalty and yet still have that independent regal aura, who do not follow fashion trends but are able to express their own individual style.

Define your own personal style?

 >My style cannot really be defined; I’m the kinda woman that dresses according to how she feels at that moment in time. I’m more of a modern afro-centric i embrace being African it’s a beautiful thing in this day and age, where African kids are made to feel that being African isn’t “cool”

 Your thoughts on the Zimbabwean Fashion Scene?

 >It has a long way to go, people are still yet to realise that Fashion is not just a “thing” it’s an actual industry and it can help the economy as the textile industry employs thousands of people. Once people get that they’ll be able to look at the bigger picture and Zimbabwe will finally have its own original sub-culture styles, right now we’re still too Westernised in how WE as a people dress.

 What’s in your iPod?

 >Question is what’s not in my iPod… *laugh* I’m a music lover, I have an eclectic taste in music..My brother is a musician so he taught me how to have a good ear

 What do you have on right now?

 >Denim shorts, a black vest and a black and gold 90’s throwback necklace.

 I think you have a great sense of style. What are your wardrobe Staples?

 >Oh Thank you…. Now being in a hot country my current staples are, my  hats, sunglasses, jewellery, wedged heels and sun-dresses you can’t go wrong in a Sub-Saharan country with those items in your wardrobe.

Ok let’s switch things, up! We are going to play a word association game. I’m going to say a word or phrase and you are going say the first thing that comes to your mind. Are you ready?


>Amazing for social-networking but when used wrongly it’s a

 total distraction.

 Beyonce’s Baby Bump

> Media frenzy

 If you could speak to one type of animal, what would it be?

 > Kangaroo.

 What do you think about when you are on the toilet?

 > I hope my phone doesn’t ring… *laughs*

 When am I getting my dress?

 > Soon… you can’t rush perfection

 Tell us where we can find you online and what to look for from you in 2012

 > In 2012 you can expect to see a lot from me… I intend to have an official launch for my collection, debut at a couple of fashion shows and the rest well, that will be a surprise.. You know what they say, “don’t talk about it, BE about it!” 

You can find me on twitter : @nikko_frikko

Flickr: and all my other site links ranging from Youtube to Lookbook can be found on my personal Tumblr which is or email

 Thank You for having me.

AkAthemag first interview contribution by the creatively connected Lo AkA Lorraine Bgoya, follow her on twitter @LOCHnation.